Re: Looking for info about certain schools

RE Mr. Harold's request about school information:

I'm a third year BArch student here at Ball State U. in Muncie, IN, so I'll
make a pitch for our program. Our department chair, Marv Rosenman, has taken
the first steps in looking at how architectural education can respond to
the new demands being placed upon the profession (more info available on
request). We also have a nationally recognized student group that is active
in environmental issues as they pertain to architecture. The program, as it
is now, is strongly design-oriented, and also features multidisciplinary and
vertical studios.

The U. of Miami, (I'm assuming Florida, not Ohio) is chaired by Elizabeth
Plater-Zyberk (what effect this will have on the program I don't know).
They've also got one of my 1st year studio profs, Carlos Cassucelli, who
is a wonderful person and one of the most supportive teachers I've ever had.
OK, I'm biased, I'll admit it!

Good luck,
Mark Darrall
[email protected]
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