ART: Richard Serra in San Francisco.

I have been receiving mail about the latest proposal of Richard Serra,
a San Franciscan (like me), for a sculpture at the Palace of the Legion of
HonorMuseum. It is to replace the fountain.

Herb Caen echoes the criticism of Kenneth Baker in the S.F. Chronicle
about its scale and its forcefulness and its balance. The Bay Area Regional
sculpture scene, according to them, has always been week. Balogna!

If anything, the curators in San Francisco's Museum of Art have not been
able to recognize the fine sculptors present in the Bay Area. Beasley,
Royer, Odza, Slusky, ... all have made wonderful contributions based on
instruction of Schnier, O'Hanlon, Paris, Novack, Zogbaum, etc. (at Berkeley).

I personally like the work of Serra. I've seen what he could do in NYC.
Especially, I like the piece at the exit from the Holland Tunnel. I missed
the one at City Hall. It really got a public pounding.

What do you think about the piece for San Francisco, [Ray]?

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