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The Steel Joist Institute claims it was founded in 1928, and
bar joists appear in the 1932 Architectural Graphics Standards.

Bar joists suffered, and suffer, from their need for fire-protection,
either by fireproofing materials applied to the joists or enclosure
of the joists, or spinklers, at least in those safety-prone areas
with rigorous building codes. Away from building codes, unprotected
joists are just fine until hellfires break out.

Sophisticated versions of bar joists are used in air, space and marine
craft, and it could be that structural bar joists followed the lead of
lightweight structures used in industrial applications where least weight
was more important than in architecture, particularly following the
model of wood-component structures for aircraft and ships.

Bucky's marvelous tensegrity structures of cables and rods came out
of that industrial tradition, and make the leaden-footed post and beam
look clumsy. Still the clumsy over-designed structures serve the needs
of safety much better than the lightweight industrial profit centers.

Atomic structures which use electrical charges as if cables and
rods are a vision of what might come when Brian's EM world comes
to fruition. By then we too will be EM figures, indistinguishable
from built structures of the UR-joist material, finally one with nature.

Meanwhile, the rapid deployment of radio-frequency identificaton tags
on consumer goods (and military equipment) portends the time when
we will not need to drearily shop for our urgent needs of validation and
sustenance, desirable and survivalist products will be EM-shot to us as
if religiously prescribed faith-based steroids, and wars will be won without
unpleasant slaughter youngsters merely by exhibiting overwhelming data
of a most favored nation's supremacist DNA, rather atomically proven,
100 per cent purified humanity, or evilest ever as needs be.

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