[design] / architexturez / downtime

the server was intermittent for the last few days for various reasons.
one, we noticed security vulnerabilities with an e-commerce operation
somebody was trying to set-up for CAADRIA 2005 website (the damn micro$oft
.net provider shared his password on IRC channels).

another, a hard disk was failing and it needed replacement, we also
ordered several much-needed server updates. we also took the time to
evaluate data on Architexturez websites -- we have close to twenty two GB
of data. so a lot of maintenance work was done, last 24 hours were
strenuous, as one might imagine.

we have kicked-out all non-performing Architexturez editors, the group
ADMIN-IN comprises of 29 IDs (or 28 people, considering Gita has two
e-mail IDs)

after which we went for a drink. the music was like saltpeter, but Anand
drank water-and-ice and kept us all entertained.

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