[design] Re: Design-L Archives Available

Those interested in having access to the Design-L archives
a feature of Design-Lv.2 might address the issue. Anand
questions the prudence of doing this in a seamy private
message to Brian Carroll and me. (Anand, please, again,
post messages about managing this list to the list -- some
of us are still nervous about Howard's offlist manipulations.)

I was not aware that Anand had a fairly recent set of the
archives before managing to retrieve the whole kaboodle
despite Howard's paranoid lockdown.

The Design-L archives do not belong to anyone in particular,
it seems to me, and restricting access to them lays claim
to ownership that is not warranted. Indeed, it is a akind to
theft if not yet another form of censorship, a creeping disease
that seems to grow in the fertile ground of moderation, and,
not least, administration of web servers.

First, the list owners and administrators seek to induce
subscribers by free samples and entreaties, then once
having hooked the gullibles, assert claims of control of
the market, setting a price for what was once freely
offered, raise conditions of participation, evade customer
complaints, exculpate obligation with condescending
reminders of how hard it is to provide free goods and
services, whine about lack of appreciation, plot behind
the customers backs to screw them, and so on, just
like professionals and leaders of the free world, ahem,
cough, spit, puke.

Come on Anand, you wouldn't be plotting with Howard
now would you, thick as thieves?


At 11:46 AM 12/5/2004 +0530, you wrote:
>Brian, John. Just read Brian's mail on DLv2. Is it really prudent to put
>listarchives of DLv1 online?
>an aside, Howard via Bill Verity gave me the list archives a while back
>because I wanted to experiment with very large asynchronous converstation
>structures (so I have always _officially_ had Design-L archives uptill Feb
>-- Anand.
>> John,
>> Excellent. I will let Anand grab the archives
>> and will not log-in to keep it simple. Thanks
>> to both of you for figuring out how to do this.
>> Brian

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