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Hold on, now, the implication that Bucky and Kahn are the
fountainheads of geodesics is off-base by a mile. Both of these
geniuses developed others' incarnations, assisted with
excellent promotional apparatuses advancing their,
ahem, genius.

Indeed, Bucky developed a far better rep with architects than
engineers and scientists, and as he became more prominent
as a hip designer his technical skills declined. Kahn too
went into the decline that always accompanies fame, fight
it as he did despite his accolite's demand he balloon into
a grotesque for their own reflected benefit (with his death
his emulators deflated, the Philadelphia School commenced
recycling reputational detritus).

Scientists and engineers of greater ability derided Bucky's
technical prowess while admiring his genius for self-promotion.
Same with Louis Kahn, who himself confessed he was an
incompetent architect, but who learned a bit about preening from
Wright, Corbu, and the master builders throughout history
who were most adept at laying claim to the talents and
hard work of those who benefited from their talent for seducing

Presuming derivation is an easy sophomoric, but easiest of all is
to attribute ideas to a famous person, the conceit of groupies.

So, Steve, who do you get your best ideas from, no cheating
now, no citing of famous precedents?

Mine are not worth attributing, so closely do I hide their
ignominous fountainheadlessness.

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