[design] zomescape

I am preparing a small essay on the use of zometools
for electromagnetic modeling and took some photos of
zome geometric models outside, which are going to be
altered into proposals for transmission pylons (with
powerlines added by software to landscape imagery) as
a way to imagine how other geometries could transform
the landscape as a result.

I have had this idea of pure forms in the landscape
connected with Stowe Gardens (.UK), maybe mistakingly,
as it may have been a school exercise where I added
a series of geometric shapes to the gardens through
drawing, and so the 'ruins' of Stowe probably do not
have any connection to these follies.

There was something very meditative about the pure
geometry juxtaposed or inhabiting a Japanese garden
(Lyndale nuclear peace garden) here in Minneapolis.
It felt 'right' and was very fun to imagine scales
changing. Also it reminded me of Lauf-s work with
the Venturi virtual house for Ben Franklin, that it
could be reenacted on another scale using Zome, and
maybe also other (wireframe) architectural ideas too.

In any case, here are some photographs...

(buckminster fullerene i think this is...)





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