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DoD has revised its supposition of what caused the blast
to now claim it was likely due to a suicide bomber who
got through security by either posing as an Iraqi soldier in
a stolen uniform or as a serving soldier who enlisted for
the purpose of bombing a US installation.

To be sure, it is not easy to believe DoD when it too often
exculpates senior responsibility by blaming those down
the ranks, or best, the treacherous Iraqis. Rumsfeld said
it is nearly impossible to defend 100% against a singular
attack. Tents, under provision of soldiers and armored
equipment, and a host of they-did-it excuses.

We have not yet benefited from a truly disbelieving and
imaginative press about the Iraqi war -- so far most of the
contrarian stories derive from recycled Vietnam crap. This
recycling itself derives from the senior media people
imposing the criteria they became famous for during
Vietnam. Who will be the Michael Herr of Iraq?

I respect Sy Hersh, and periodically share info with him,
but he is the paradigm of the Vietnam mindset. Most of
his sources appear to be of the same cut, and they remain
vulnerable to stories custom made for them while truly
awful deceptions and betrayals remain off their radar --
the very blinding conceit that Hersh and others avoided
in their younger, less reputable, less Pulitzerian days.

It will take a twenty-something, ageless, woman, an unindoctrinated
unaccepted US or foreign immigrant, Latino or Asian
or Muslim, to tell us what we cannot, refuse to, see beyond
our prejudices.

The recent account of autistics denying they are diseased,
defying the medical authorities, is a bellweather for overthrowing
all-too-rigid bellyaching and prescribing what the people,
the country, the world, needs.

Armageddon aint it, sez this AARPian fogey.

Did you see AARPian Rummy wearing an Apocalyspe Now US
Calvary hat like Robet Duvall and a McDonaldian plastic bib
pretending to serve fast food to the frightened Mosul troops?

A handsome young woman wearing the same hat, natch,
chaperoned the dodderer, a geriatic nurse shanghaied for
the bedpanned duty.

Did you see that most of the soldiers Rummy talked down
to were not youngsters, but middle-aged, middle-spreaded,
middle-bureaucrats who do not go into dangerous places,
well, except for huge revivalist tents by Halliburton.

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