Re: authenticity again

> Get rid of the complexity in point of view and get down to the right way
> to see things? I take it you don't think much of later Heidegger?
Presumably getting down to the right way would incorporate the
complexity! Anyway, the later Heidegger is great stuff. I think highly of it.

> Is there a typo, by the way, in your above quote? I can't make sense of
> it as it is. How would something lead from a world to truth (the
> world)? Could you explain?
a world = subjective
the world = objective, truth

I was asking if you believe Heidegger has blown this distinction to

> What I am most appreciative of Heidegger is the way in which he brings
> modes of being onto the table, modes which affect our experience of the
> world.
Yah, me too. What are you reading these days?

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