Re: Welcome to heidegger

> Sounds good to me!
> Hi! What's happening? My name is Robert A. Wendel. I've been on this list
> for five days now and no messages have come in. So I'm testing the waters!
> Please indulge me!
> Quite frankly I'm interested in the political implications of Heidegger's
> philosophy.

I would say there are two distinct groups in this mailing list.
One group is concerned about whether Heidegger was/wasn't a
Nazi and whether his involvement with'em does/doesn't taint
his philosophy. Occasionally these members explode into flame
wars. To my mind, these discussions just go around'n'round,
and should probably be summarized in a faq so that the list
doesn't have to go over that ground repeatedly.

The other group on the list appears interested in exploring
what Heidegger had to say about ontology, metaphysics,
phenomenology, and so on.
That group is currently involved in a slow reading of the
Letter on Humanism through the list.

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