Re: Gravity and Light

the peaceful clearing makes use of all sorts of mechanisms, but we're deaf
and blind to them.

repulsions, attractions, warding-offs, embracings, no's and yes's, welcomings
and forbiddings.

there is a force field all around the clearing, many messages being passed
around in the darkness outside of the lit place. at the center of the lit
place we pulsate in a regular rhythm, casting out things, bringing others in.
lot's of work being done.

all of the furrows we have traversed on the path to the clearing momentarily
gather up and surround the clearing, creating a membrane whose equipmental
innards face outward and away from us.

thus there is an engagement with the 'world', the outside, but we can't feel
it, for its hither side has been darkened

it has become unconscious, habitual. it has become systematized, and the
light shines brighter in consciousness when the system has been regularized.

maybe to the extent that the light's energy has been fully tapped by this
flashing peak in the machine's efficiency, this momentary well-oiled
configuration, no gravitational effects can enter (the antithesis of a black

one would have to doubt the possibility of this perfect anti-black hole.

but for heidegger, the only hope for "man" is that Being would grant this.

of course, we could always abandon man.....

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