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>From: "Ashok" <[email protected]>
>Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 11:45:58 +0530
> The Core Committee of Social Jurist, A Lawyers' Group in its meeting held
>on 16.05.2004 have adopted a Resolution demanding from the new Government
>at Centre to immediately undertake the following tasks on UEE and School
> a.. Withdraw the 'Free and Compulsory Education Bill 2004': It intends
>to legalize the dual education system i.e. learning centres and
>para-teachers for the poor and regular schools for others; it intends to
>promote and give legal sanctions to the SSA/NFE types of educational
>centres run by private sectors, NGOs, (e.g. shishu mandirs, vidya mandirs
>of the RSS) and also keep them out of purviews of the authorities being
>created at various levels; it negates the principles of 73rd and 74th
>Constitutional Amendment and intends to create/nominate authorities at
>various levels- HEEA, LEEA, DEEA, MEEA.(meaning hamlet, local, district and
>metropolitan level educational authorities); it opens door for privatizing
>school education; it intends to create separate 'special education' system
>for the disabled being discarded world wide and against the principals of
>inclusive education.
> b.. Review funding under the SSA: It is understood that many RSS linked
>organizations, such as FTS (Friends of Tribal Society) have been receiving
>MHRD funding to run their schools, such as 'ekal vidyalaya'
> c.. Revive CABE (Central Advisor Board of Education): A consultative
>mechanism abandoned by the previous government.
> d.. Review NCERT 'National Curriculum Framework 2000': The notorious
>'curriculum framework', which does not meet any pedagogical or curricular
>standards, and is highly controversial. Set up a committee immediately to
>modify, if necessary withdraw it very quickly.
> e.. Review learning materials created by the NOS. Materials have
>reportedly been created by actively engaging RSS linked 'experts'; it is
>important to review them.
> f.. Wind up several committees, task force. The previous government has
>constituted many such committees to legitimatize its agenda (such as Anand
>Sarup Task Force, Pant Committee.). Immediately wind up all these
> g.. Review memberships of many institutions, such as NCERT, NOS.Many
>have got RSS persons on them.review the facilities and privileges given to
> a.. Education for Equality (EFE): Revisit chapter -4 (Education for
>Equality) and chapter-3 (National System of Education) of the National
>Policy on Education (NPE) 1986 (modified in 1992), which has strong
>elements for NFE- swept by the rhetoric on the EFA that has become
>education for few (EFF) and literacy for all (LFA), totally ignoring the
>education for equality (EFE).
> b.. 'Common School System': The national policy and the Constitution
>(stressing upon equality and equal educational opportunity) calls for it,
>all the developed countries and most of the developing countries are
>following it.why not in India? Better late then never! And, the most
>opportune time to make a paradigm shift in school education. Visit
>Ramamurti Committee Report (1990) for details.
> c.. Inclusive Education: Follow the world wide movement and UNESCO
>Salamanca Declaration developed on the principles of all-learn-together,
>and reform schools to make them inclusive so as to 'accommodate all
>children regardless of their physical, intellectual, social, linguistic or
>other conditions' (UNESCO Salamanca Statement Framework for Action 1994).
>Build up schools on the principles of diversity rather than exclusivity.
> d.. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA): Review or even withdraw SSA and use
>monies for opening new schools and strengthen the existing schools, rather
>than opening 'learning centres' and giving untrained para-teachers to the
>poor, rural areas in particular. Entire money being spent under SSA is a
>sheer wastage of public money.
> e.. Stop privatization of school system: Ask CBSE/ICSE to stop
>affiliating high fee charging private schools and thereby encourage
>privatization of school system at the cost of government school system.
> f.. 6% on education and 3% on primary and secondary: Implement the
>commitments made in the Congress Manifesto as quickly as possible.
>CONVENER, SOCIAL JURIST (M) 9811101923, 33304309

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