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see see see! have anti-porta-cabin-class company!

(anyone know origin-of-idea -- alternatives-designer /
education-activist / p-c-manufacturer(pvt) /
ngo-friendly-g.o(govt.offcr) /
travelling-bureaucrat(polcy) / ngo-adviser(polcy) /
other / together?)

Asian Age, 22.11.04

MCD furore over plastic cabins for schools

By Our Correspondent

New Delhi, Nov. 21: Opposition leader in the MCD
standing committee Vijender Kumar Gupta has demanded
an inquiry into the construction of 1,000 porta
cabins, with of plastic walls and roof, to be used as
classrooms in municipal primary schools at the cost of
nearly Rs 40 crores.
Mr Gupta has also demanded that an inquiry should be
conducted into the priority payment of approximately
Rs 8 crores and regular payment made to the
contractors who made these cabins, when the payment
against the passed bills of small contractors for
works done under the education plan, amounting to
approximately Rs 68 crores, had been withheld for more
than one year.
Pointing out that the construction cost of one pucca
classroom amounts as Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 3 lakhs, with
an utility period of 40-50 years, the BJP leader said
that the approved cost of one porta cabin is Rs 4
lakhs and its utility period is less than one fourth
of a pucca classroom.
"In case the MCD had to replace the tented classes
urgently, it would have been better to construct
semi-pucca classrooms," he said.
"These would have been taken less time to be
constructed, would have been cheaper, more durable and
more comfortable for the students, in comparison to
the portable cabins. These cabins, made of plastic,
are based on foreign specifications not suitable to
the geographical conditions of Delhi where the
temperature dips to its lowest in the winter season
and goes up to more than 40ºC in summer," he added.
"The students of the municipal primary schools are
never issued winter or summer uniforms in time. Hence,
the students will be forced to sit in biting cold in
the winter and in unbearably hot conditions in the
summer in the plastic cabins," Mr Gupta said


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