Pushta round4 – 5 day notice for voluntary relocation

Pushta round4 ? 5 day notice for voluntary relocation

On 26.03.04 the first 5-day notice in the Pushta
clearance drive was pasted in Indra Colony. The notice
mentions for the first time dates for voluntary
relocation (29-31.03.04) and compulsory action

On 27.03.04 a letter was sent to authorities to thank
them for a 5-day notice and, with reference to
voluntary resettlement to (a) reiterate demands for
transparency in the list, (b) ask for withdrawal of
police force and, preferably, issuance of slips in
their offices rather than in the settlement, (c) ask
for alternatives of EWS plots / flats with secure
tenure and loan facility as per Delhi Master Plan.

The survey list was put up on 29.03.04, which
effectively truncates the notice period to 3-days. As
before, the list is in English and only of those
eligible for plots, though the proportion is higher at
nearly 50%. The slips are being issued in the
settlement, but there is hardly any police force.
Criteria for 18 and 12.5 sqm (latter in preponderance)
remain unclear. Both plot sizes continue to be on
offer for 7000/-. Option of 500/- down payment is not
formally on offer.

Time and quiet is what seems to have been gained after
Kanchanpuri. It seems there have been negotiations and
some of those who were raising questions about
illegalities may be getting more in the resettlement
process than they are eligible for. MCD staff have
instructions not to let outsiders in, which is odd
considering there have been hardly any outsiders in
all this anyway.

This will very likely be touted as voluntary
resettlement in media tomorrow.

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