[mpisgmedia] Re: [in-enaction] Garden of 5 senses to feature in St Etienne Biennale in France

aba-net wrote:

> Gita Dewan Verma wrote:
>> Jostling with Mittal Farms a while ago in HT
>> dandiya-masti, it is described here as one of the
>> largest commissions of public art in India.
>> What is public-art?
> "Peoples' lies are justice in these times"
> -- the Prodigy

just lying art?!

HT photoalbum - dandiya-masti at Mittal & 5-senses Gardens

illegal-party.com - St Etienne Biennale

and The Hindu, today: Culture to get a boost [also] at fancy flyovers
(this in bhagidari, between RWA peeple and public representatives, maybe
with public-transport-public-art aesthetics-culture experts - and, ahem,
illegal in terms of delhi master plan, like the Gardens)

Gita Dewan Verma (who wrote What is public-art? And St Etienne Biennale?)

[mpisgmedia] Garden of 5 senses to feature in St Etienne Biennale in France, Gita Dewan Verma
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