[Redevelopment] Suspending Housing/Heritage section of NCMP-DMP Minder


In October 2004 housing-rights NGOs have urged for NDA
draft national slum policy and environmental NGOs for
NDA draft national environment policy that these
documents of dubious origin, designed to substitute
conflict-resolving and problem-solving law, be
adjusted to NCMP. And "regularisation" of inequitable
and inefficient unplanned development, anyway
continuing uninteruppted and unprotested in form of
unlawful evictions and unlawful projects, has been
extended to conditional promises for industries and
colonies - to spawn a highly divisive debate, which
misses the point that these promises mean little and
what The Great Regularisation Mela seeks to
"regularize" is The Great Terrain Robbery and anarchy
and atrophy and all else without which loot cannot

This is the fourth NCMP-DMP minder section suspended
in the last week (after Manufacturing / SSI, Commerce
/ informal sector, Facilities / education & health).
The pattern is identical in all cases and seems to
say: the weight of inertial discourse outweighs the
weight of a nation?s mandate for change. PM?s review
meeting tomorrow might have better news, but on
NCMP-DMP minder it does look like NCMP has been
comprehensively flouted and, for change, subversions
seem to have become more sinister.

Do check this one out, useful for avoiding the
divide-and-loot trap.

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