ART/ARCHITECTURE. Prodigy-Internet Link. Fall of 1992. Alert!

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Subj: Prodigy soon to be on Internet

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Subject: Prodigy soon to be on Internet
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HELP-NET Group: There have been recent discussions here on how to send
Internet e-mail messages to some commercial services, such as America
On Line, and CompuServe. Well, I just came across this press release
today of another commercial online service that plans to have Internet
e-mail access: Prodigy. This sure surprises me. I never thought this
online service would do it. Anyway, come this Fall, I bet there may
be many more people enrolled in HELP-NET, because the average Prodigy
user will need much help with Internet, even if it is just e-mail.
Berton Corson
[email protected]


WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK, U.S.A., 1992 JUN 18 (NB) -- The graphically-based
on-line network service Prodigy has announced its plans to allow users access
to the Internet, a text-based international system of linked computer networks.
Prodigy's General Counsel George Perry has announced the company's intention
to go on the Internet. Speculation is the connection is to take place this
Steve Hein of public relations for Prodigy told the press he had no specifics
on the plan other than the company wants to maintain the service's ease-of-use.
The Internet is notoriously cryptic, with even mail addresses that are 24
characters long interspaced with symbols and acronyms.
Internet access is coveted because of the wealth of information on the
service, and access is usually obtained through government or university
systems. Also, unlike Prodigy, commercial advertising and charging for services
is traditionally prohibited on the Internet.
Most of the major on-line services, such as Compuserve, MCI Mail, AT&T Mail,
Applelink, and Sprint Mail have offered electronic mail (e-mail) gateways for
the exchange of messages to and from Internet users for some time.
One recently announced on-line service, Berkeley, California-based Holonet,
offers users Internet access through a menuing system that eliminates many of
the cryptic Unix commands.
Vienna, Virginia-based America Online (AOL), another graphically- based
on-line service recently announced it will now provide an e-mail gateway so its
subscribers can exchange e-mail with Internet users. The e-mail gateway is
offered to AOL subscribers at no extra cost and the service is attempting to
entice Internet users to join by offering any Internet user a free AOL start up
Hein told the press the type and extent of the Internet access Prodigy is
planning is unknown at this time, as is the service's plans for the pricing of
Internet access.

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