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To: Howard Lawrence <[email protected]>
Subj: LIST CHANGE: GRAPHICS has changed into GRAPHIX

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From: "Douglas Sargent (The Bug)" <[email protected]>
Subject: LIST CHANGE: GRAPHICS has changed into GRAPHIX
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Hi Guys,

Due to Admin problems, the GRAPHICS list in node UTFSM has changed
name to GRAPHIX. It still covers the same topics, ie. everything in
respect to graphic formats and representations, hardware cards, software,
etc. Remember, if it relates to Graphics, it belongs to GRAPHIX.

All subscribers to GRAPHICS were moved automatically to GRAPHIX. The
old list is DEAD, repeat DEAD (RIP). New subscribers are wellcome, all
you have to do is send a mail to [email protected] with the follo-
wing message as the body :

SUB GRAPHIX name surname

yours truly,

The Graphix Bug
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