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On Tue, 6 Oct 1992 [email protected] wrote:
> to read through a week's worth of messages, so I may be behind
> on this, but -- abstraction -- as I understand abstraction it
> is a manipulation-in some way-of something experienced through
> life. If we are not starting at something "real" then shouldn't
> we use the term "non-objective"?

Hence the title of Hans Hofmann's modernist space bible, "The Search For
The Real".

One problem w/ this thesis is that mysticism/spirituality for some people
is real, and thus expressed in a painting is abstraction.

> As for art students and art history: From my own students who
> are taking a class in aesthetics, art history & art criticism,
> they have never had an art history which was anything other than
> a slide lecture class, taken in the dark, and presented as
> historical "fact".

Plato's cave?

> The "abstraction" which they find in my class
> is INQUIRY into the three above mentioned disciplines.
> See Virginia Fitzpatrick (NAEA press) for how to turn art
> history into something other than white western male hegemony.

Abstraction in painting seems to fall into very different categories or
types, e.g.:
* formal abstraction, e.g. painting a shadow a very blue blue or making a
bottle cubist
* symbolic abstraction, e.g. painting a cow to represent a hated professor
* pure design, e.g. wallpaper
* conceptual art

These sample categories are not exclusive.

> Debbie Smith-Shank, Northern Illinois Univ. Art Education Dept.
> reply*
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