ART: The Talking Kind. [How about music, too?]

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Subj: Talking art? Suggestions?

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Subject: Talking art? Suggestions?
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>Hey, I've been quiet lately, and to be honest, I've even been using my
>delete key a lot :)
>But I've got a question for you all, I wonder if you could point me to artists
>who use video/technology/computers to make sculpture, and/or interactive
>pieces. I'm trying to work out a way to really get my pieces to interact
>with the viewer, rather than just be looked at. I want to make some images
>that speak to one another (with sound, this is, not metaphor), and hopefully
>incorporate some sort of buttons, switches, sensors, so that the viewer can
>somehow contribute/control the conversation. I wonder if there's others out
>there who have tried this sort of thing? I'm familliar with Jenny Holtzer's
>work, she's a large influence on this idea of mine, though I don't want to
>work with the lightboards per se, and I've heard of Nam June Paik, though I
>haven't seen his/her work at all, except in a teeny picture in art in America.
>Any suggestions for people I should look at/email to? Or have any of you
>done anything like this? I'm still very much in the formulation stage, but I
>really want to make this project work, as soon as I can find a little money
>to finance it.
>Many thanks!

I make the kind of work you are talking about, but am terribly pressed for
time now -- will respond later.

Michael Rodemer
Dept. of Art & Technology
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60603
[email protected]
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