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Hi Andy: What do you think about taking some of these discussions we are
having to the make them more public? I think others
could benefit from our viewpoints. It might be helpful to others
on the list. I enjoy very much the exchangew with you.

Some physician *do* contribute services to the needy. For example,
I am thinking of the work of the Shriners and the Shriners Hospitals.
They, also, have Blind Institutes. These were begon during my
experiences in architectural practice with health educational
facilities planning nationwide in the 1960s. They do so without
regard to religion, race, creed, etc. It's a very humanitarian
work. One of my family members gave over $1 million to their
work with crippled children.

You know, architects have the same problem of unfair compensation.
Although an architect may get 10% on new construction of low value,
and 15% of cost of alterations, the realator get 6% for just
reselling the work. It shows that the less "creative" one is,
the more profit there seems to be. That prompted both architects
and artists to think about *also* getting a % of the resale cost
of their works.

Finally, if you have the NODE for ARTMGT-L, I would like to monitor
it for DESIGN-L clippings. OK?
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