ARCHITECTURE: Measured Metric.

Stephen: Sure. Most British graphics references to industrialized products
have a reference both to metric and English dimensions. This is
so those who have been used to using English system can compare,
and possibly learn, the metric diminsioning system. There was a
specific reference that I cameacross while at Birmingham Polytechnic
about 14 years ago. It was very much like the Graphic Standards
used by architects in the USA. You might have something similar in
Canada? England went through an exhaustive research period related
to industralized products in the 60s. They were apparently trying to
coordinate and standardize industrially designed building industry
products. After the 60s, they applied what they learned to the
design of architecture. What you see from the 70s until now is
a spinoff fromthis research. As least this is what I believe to
have happened, based on hearsay. You might have to dig deeper.
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