Maki rules, Isozaki bites the dust

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Subject: Maki rules, Isozaki bites the dust
From: [email protected] (pol Pot)
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 00:07:48 -0500

I'm wondering what people think of Fumihiko Maki's recent triumphs over his
longtime rival Arata Isozaki. Following the Pritzker coup, Maki has also
continued the streak with the AIA gold medal and the Prince of Wales Prize
for Urban Design. He is also due to receive a Technology prize in Singapore
this coming spring.
What is happening is that the international architectural community is
finally coming to its senses and is acknowledging the most sublime
craftsman that the world hasn't seen since Scarpa died. Despite all the
publicity and the hype that surrounds the showboat architecture of Isozaki,
Ando, Takamatsu and the likes, Maki has perservered through without
pretension or attitude. And on top of all this, the man is the nicest guy
you will ever find in such circles.

Always neck to neck with Iso-tacky since their days in college, it seems
like after all the rigged competetion losses that Maki had to suffer in the
80's, his day has finally come in the 90's.

Has anyone checked out the new visual arts center in Yerba Buena, San
If anyone has any info on the building or has any opinions on Maki and his
architecture, feel free to join in.

Maki Fan
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