Re: Serials titles

Well, since you asked I need gti to give a pitch.

We are beginning a CD-ROM journal this year. First issue is scheduled to come
out August 1994. The title of the publication is "International Design Review"
(IDR). ISSN 1074-9349.

Each issue of the journal will contain a portfolio of annotated images, and
will be indexible by geography and keywords. The subject of the first issue
is Fabric Design, the second issue is Architectural Design, and the third
Industrial Design. We haven't put out calls for the 2nd and 3rd, but we might
as well do so now.

Basically, each issue is a visual representation of the student work at
design schools throughout the world. In addition, we hope to cover/include
prize-winning works of the year. If your school is interested in participating,
please write:

Ray Lauzzana
1167 Pacific
San Francisco, CA 94133

Thanks, Ray
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