Contributions Wanted for Book on Internet Culture

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From: [email protected] (David Porter)
Subject: Contributions Wanted for Book on Internet Culture
Date: 15 May 1994 04:15:29 GMT


I am looking for people who might be interested in contributing to a new
book on Internet Culture. The project is still in its early planning
stages, but I foresee an anthology gathering together a collection of
essays, stories and even poetry about life on the Net. I'm particularly
interested in the way the possibilities of "cyberspace" get people thinking
in new ways about things like community, social interaction, authority,
manners, sexuality, education, story-telling, youth culture, the public
sphere, and so on. I don't have any set line on any of these things beyond
my conviction that things are changing out there in interesting ways, and
ways that are worth thinking and talking about.

At this stage I am not yet asking for contributions, but rather for
comments and initial expressions of interest from people who might like to
contribute something later. If you have an idea for a piece you might like
to do (or that you have already done), please send me a brief description
of what you're thinking about via e-mail ([email protected])
within the next couple of weeks. Based on the responses I receive, I'll
decide if the project actually seems feasible, and if so, try to form a
better idea of the shape the book might take. At that point I'll write
back to all those who responded to talk about how we might proceed.

I see my own role in all this primarily as that of an editor, though I
might also contribute a piece myself. My own background happens to be
academic (I'm a doctoral student in Comparative Literature at Stanford),
and though I would welcome scholarly contributions, I'm hoping this
collection will represent a wide range of styles and approaches, and don't
want to prescribe in advance the forms submissions might take. I've edited
a book before (Between Men and Feminism, Routledge, 1992), and taught a
couple of courses on the social impact of computing, so I'm reasonably
confident about my ability to bring the project off.

Please write to let me know what you think, and what you might like to
contribute! Also, if you can suggest other newsgroups where this message
might find a favorable reception, I'll try to post it there too.


David Porter

[email protected]
Dept. of Comparative Literature
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2087
David Porter
Department of Comparative Literature
Stanford University
[email protected]
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