[design] test footer

testing list configuration for the footer.

list name:

design-l version 2.0

short description:

open discussion of art, architecture, and culture.

(this is proposed as an wide-open alternative to 'basic
and applied design, art and architecture' which became
confined - whereas a cultural dimension would validate
and include more dimensions of consideration. therefore,
art, architecture, and culture. 'open' is included as a
value (versus 'closed' or a particular view), and the
word discussion chosen for an active participation of
these ideas, some interactive purpose, so 'exchanges'.
I was thinking of 'investigations' though skipped it.
and it can be changed at any time, though for a nearby
launch, i had to improvise and this is what i propose
to start with. please send any comments to this list.
then i will start a mass migration of list membership.)


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