[design] photos?

> can graphics be posted to this list, either inline
> or as attachments?

as inline, HTML files can be posted, but will be viewed in ASCII on the on line archive with the original HTML and images as attachments. yes, graphics can be posted to this list, the maximum mail size is set to 400 kb for now.

> but i would like to post some images of the new shit being built
> out on the strip here in knoxville. thought post-modernism was dead?

check out the under-construction domain...


get yourself a login ID, browse to your member page, build a photo gallery or blog or bbs or a whole damn website.

in future this list will work through this dedicated domain:


it will look like

http://portal.architexturez.net once we are finished


> does google crawl through the welcome message or the
> list description? are there keywords involved?

google already dunnit. AZ-IN (our distributed search engine at http://www.architexturez.net/sys/) dunnit too. they crawl the whole archive.

keywords, Brian can set list keywords and topics through his interface, but on the other hand, we do have our own domain -- want me to put a keyword manager?

we can also spam the Usenet, so if you guys want (and this is partly in response to my earlier "robustness" concerns), go ahead and make alt.architecture.design-l

Got thoughts?

-- Anand (who says Damn! he'll have to subscribe this list)

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