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On Monday, December 6, 2004, at 12:53 AM, Anand bhatt wrote:

Brian, my only question was: How to make the archive public. Phrased
myself not-too-carefully and see what happns!!!!

YES! This is what I was trying to get at, though
my language is often inexact enough to make it
clear. There seems to be some miscommunication
going on, as what I wrote was to attempt to make
it clear that everyone is working on the same goal.
There is a lot of frustration around the list as it
is and while I've tried to thank everyone, there has
been more work done by Anand and John Young to get
this going than anyone else right now, and dealing
with 48 megabytes of GET commands because some numb-
nut closes off the archives is seriously bothersome.
The list needs some time to percolate. When a solution
to the archives arises, we can link the newer URL of
the 1992-2004 archives to this current list site, and
go from there. It is a frustrating situation already,
and everyone has been (and continues to) work towards
the same goals, in some way. So we've got to find a
way to figure it out together, which so far has been
going better than imagined for feral anarchic cats.
In any case, the list administration issues do not
go much beyond this and it will eventually work out.
I'd appreciate it if others chime in with support for
Anand to stick it out here, as he is a vital member.
although I did not know about pre-existing archives
I take responsibility for not better clarifying the
timing of the archive issues and their complexity to
the degree that questions remain and some compromise
or at least conversation may be necessary to get it
going. I assumed it was an issue weeks to months out,
as it was conferred when setting up the list itself.
my apologies for contributing to related confusions.

Re: [design] re: the archive question, Anand bhatt
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