rorty and contingency


I'm a new member of the list and I am not au fait with the
ongoing discussions, but I would like to begin by asking a
question, which I hope the group may be able to answer.

Richard Rorty's paper -Heidegger, Contingency, and
Pragmatism- gives an interpretation of the difference between
ontology and history (historicity?) in Heidegger's thought based
on the level of awareness relative to ontological contingency
versus the slide into utter (technological) pragmatism which is
thought to be the historical destiny of western Dasein. Though
Rorty does not state it explicitly, I was left feeling that the
pejorative title of -nihilist- was on the tip of his tongue. This is
not unusual in itself, since many have seen Heidegger so, but
could the age of , not only modernity and technological nihilism
but also environmental awareness allow the rediscovery or
reinterpretation of a our ontological facticity through the facticity
of the earth as it wells up in the house of language wherein the
die of Dasein is mostly cast? Hence the list of Heidegger's
primordial terms which Rorty recapitulates could include the
primordiality of the earth, our Heimat, our Hope. Is, then, there
hope lying in the history and destiny of Dasein which emanates
from our factical ever-present contingency on the earth and
which could (?) transcend the mere pragmatics of technological

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