[eebill] Vodafone takes 10% Bharti (gives $12m for education)

The Hindu, 29.10.05
Vodafone picks up 10 p.c. in Bharti Tele-Ventures

NEW DELHI: In an all-cash deal worth Rs. 6,700 crore
($1.5 billion), Vodafone, the world's largest mobile
service provider with a presence in 30 nations, has
acquired ten per cent stake in India's biggest mobile
operator, Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited (BTVL). Billed
as one of India's largest single foreign investments,
the move comes immediately after the Centre's recent
announcement increasing the foreign direct investment
(FDI) limit in the telecom sector to 74 per cent from
49 per cent... ... Vodafone also announced a grant of
$12 million (Rs. 51 crore) to Bharti Foundation for
support to primary education throughout the country

oye! MoHRD has stated on affidavit that 2% cess also
is for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (which I have finally
figured out is employment program, to enable all to
run NGO learning-centres / popularise
schooling-without-schools). GNCTD budget 2005-06 has
in all 376 cr for school education including 135 cr
for MCD primary education and speaks with joy-n-pride
of 202 NGOs running 3345 learning-centres (that is
more than the primary schools we run in the capital).
Schools under notice from Delhi High Court (full page
in newspapers of 27.10.05) are being led by counsel
Salmaan Khursheed who also pioneered
anubhav-shiksha-kendras as chairman of multinational
DPS. Social Jurist, in whose PIL schools are under
notice, is driving this alternative-learning-centres
business from the other side with insistent prayers
for directions for impossibility of enforcing a quota
clause in isolation from its statutory context. and
now one Bharti Foundation gets $12m for this -- as
part of a telecom fdi picking!! oye!!

anyone else feel tantrumy about this? am scouting for
ideas to pitch demand for 2% cess to be recovered from
Bharti now, with suggestion to progressively phase out
all beggarly cesses (even taxes?) through suitable fdi
policies now that bucket collections and bharti
sentimentalities seem equally passé?

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