Shopping malls

Tenders for 2 shopping malls on 47 acres near The
Grand, Vasant Kunj are to be opened next month
according to a ToI report today. See:

This is illegal.

If proposed "Vasant Vihar Phase II", of which these
malls are reportedly part, is residential, commercial
facilities in it have to be developed on basis of
Master Plan standards for convenient, local and
community centre shopping, including for hawkers,
low-turnover shops and work places for villages. If
they are part of some other "project" (of 'two
shopping malls, a departmental store, a crafts bazaar
and an entertainment complex besides a multi-level
parking' as per the report), due process including
Public Notice is needed for land use change.

Since DJB is able to supply to the area only 1.3 MGD
river water against estimated demand of about 10 MGD
and Sonia Vihar and rainwater cannot augment enough
even for the current gap, these malls and more would
also be illegal under CGWA notification banning ground
water withdrawal.

Since villages and old bastis were meant to be but
were not integrated into the Vasant Kunj scheme, and
service providers were meant to be but not provided
for in residential and commercial development in it,
priority to malls with no basis in the Plan over
backlog on these Plan tasks in use of public land
compulsorily acquired only for development according
to Plan is not justifiable.

All the above issues are pending in court cases or
Public Notice process.

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