[mpisgmedia] Express Newsline report referring to Aravalli Biodiversity Park

Dear Subhendu,

The report at
says some NGOs and residents had filed complaints with
Supreme Court Empowered Committee that development of
Aravalli Biodiversity Park was in violation of
designated green area and the Committee consequently
cleared the project.

As far as I could make out from news reports of
13.07.04 NGOs had approached the Committee against
Malls and army housing, not against Biodiversity Park.
Residents (citizens groups in the area through one of
the MPISG conveners), incidentally, have a matter in
High Court against projects in violation of Delhi
Master Plan, including among others Malls and army
housing and Biodiversity Park. And the park, green,
usurps not designated (in Delhi Master Plan) green but
residential area.

In a separate later PIL based on the NGOs' previous
PIL in Supreme Court (in which 92 hectares was somehow
lost to unplanned institutional and hotel
development), the Mall is claimed to have been allowed
by Supreme Court and consequently High Court has
recently expressed inability to intervene in that bit
of the residents' case.

It seems odd that the Empowered Committee would have
intervened in the NGOs Malls matter in that case or
even in the Park matter since the fact of that being
sub-judice in High Court has been brought to its
attention. Also I do not think the Empowered Committee
is empowered to clear projects. I would be grateful
for clarification of the facts.

Thanks and regards, gita

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