[mpisgmedia] Industries (re Public Notice for start of closure)

A full-page Public Notice of 27.08.04 calls attention
of "Industrial units operating in residential /
non-conforming areas of Delhi" to closure deadline of
06.09.04 for F-category set by Supreme Court. It also
requests "General Public" to inform SDMs, etc, about
them!! Politically, regularization promises and
demands also continue!!

Requests are also all over for lawful compliance of a
judgment that unequivocally upholds DMP to
progressively implement statutory DMP solutions for
industries in the spirit also of NCMP (Federation of
Industries of India held on 22.08.04 a colloquium for
this and on 20.08.04 I was invited for a chat to
office of commissioner of industries). But the
great-governance circus thriving on problems can't
afford to let solutions get in its way.

A comment about the Public Notice of 27.08.04 is in a
letter at

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