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> Related to all this informalization with NGO
> mediated
> micro-credit and what not, is my response to
> Standing
> Committee press notice published on 16/05/05 to
> invite
> opinion / views on SJSRY, posted at:
> ---------

Now PIB release (re written reply to LS question):
"An amount of Rs. 245.88 crore (including both Central
and State share) is lying unspent with the States/UT
Governments under Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
(SJSRY) since its inception. ...Non-utilization of
funds due to lack of flexibility in the scheme
guidelines, component wise release/monitoring of
funds, non-cooperation of banks under self-employment
component, etc..."


[had pointed out in my response to standing commitee:
"...Between issuance on 07/05/05 and publication on
16/05/05 of Standing Committee's press notice inviting
views on SJSRY (of which at least IIPA and HSMI are
making / have made purportedly independent
evaluations), on 13/05/05 PIB issued a PMO release
saying, in section on SJSRY, "A Task Force under the
Chairmanship of Secretary (UEPA) has been set up in
the Ministry with the objective to evolve a viable
micro-credit mechanism for the urban poor/informal
sector". Earlier PMO had issued a release about the
national commission for informal sector constituted on
20/09/04, in Ministry of SSI..."

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