ART: Differentiel(s)92. 5-17JULY92. Connectivity Media Workshops.

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is an extensive international programme of exhibitions, workshops and
conferences covering artists' use of telecommunications, robotics and
artificial life organised by the research group CYPRES at the Ecole des
Beaux Arts in Aix-en-Provence, 5th - 17th July 1992. The workshops are
CONNECTIVITY (led by Roy Ascott, UK), BEHAVIOR (led by Gerald Heffernon,
USA) and ARTIFICIAL LIFE (led by Louis Bec, France).

You are invited to participate on-line to workshop CONNECTIVITY which
will run throughout the twelve day period. This will be:

- an international on-line project reflecting the rich range of connective
media currently being employed by artists around the world - fax, e-mail,
computer networking (image, text, sound) and ISDN

- an opportunity to build on extended 'interface environment' at a number
of nodes in various countries, each one attempting to penetrate and embrace
its immediate environment.

The project invites partners at nodes in various countries to develop their
own distinctive interface environments, and to feed an account of these
environments back into the network ...the aim is to create a fusion of the
"artificial" and the "real" ... to assert the reality of the artificial so
that the networks seamlessly flow in and out of the locations that host their
nodes, and to enable the distributed personality of each on-line participant
to move freely throughout the whole network.

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