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> You may also get a client for your box. There are versions for
> DOS, Mac, and Unix. There also is a new sharewhare/freeware windows
> version but I haven't figured out how to configure it.

Well Jay, splendid guide to gopher!!

There is a free-ware Windows 3.1 program called Cello.
It is a World Wide Web Browser, but it also handles gopher,
hytelnet,WAIS,usenet,telnet and anonymous-FTP. it als has an outgoing
mail-utility. It works with a hypertext-language (HTML). It is really worth
trying it, nevertheless the bugs...

You can pick it up at the Legal Law Institute at the Cornell University.
Cello beta v0.6 is released just one month ago. You can pick it up via
anonymous FTP
to, in the pub/LII/Cello directory.

We are working on a gopher ourselves at this particular moment...
We are now testing, but we want to be 'operational' in September
you can reach it via the TUE-CIS gopher:

the way to get there from the main-menu:

other information services Eindhoven Universtity of Technology/
department of architecture, building and planning/
OASE-Online Architecture Students Eindhoven/

We hope to get some reactions to make it better, so don't be to shy...

from the FATAMORGANA in the cyberspace-desert,

Arthur Turksma
member of the OASE-crew
Eindhoven Universtity of Technology
Department of Architecture,Building and Planning
The Netherlands

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