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Having recently decided to study architecture, I looked for books that would
shed some light on the education
and the career of an architect. I found two excellent resources.

Architecture? A Candid Guide to the Profession
by Roger K. Lewis
MIT Press

The Story of Practice
by Dana Cuff
MIT Press

Lewis' book discusses all aspects of becoming an architect. From the pro's and
con's of becoming one, the
different paths of getting an education, how to pick your school, getting the
first job, what it's like
working as one and an architect's future possibiltites. It is a very helpful
guide to anyone who is
intending to enter the field.

Cuff's book is a more technical survey of the "culture of architecture". It is
an extensively researched
guide into the socio-cultural world of architects. It gives a very comprehensive
picture of what working
as an architect is like. It also has a chapter on how one is educated and the
current issues that are being
debated at schools around the country. It has a lot of cool b&w pictures of
architects and the field too.
This book would provide an in-depth presentation of the career and would be
helpful for anyone interested
in architecture.

The previous posting also mentioned an article in Progressive Architecture. It
is a reader's poll on archi-
tectural education and may be found in the February 1989 issue.

I found those two books an an architectural books specialty store in San
Francisco. It is quite a nice store
and is located on Montgomery between Jackson and Pacific in the Financial
district. There were some recent
graduates who gave me some helpful advice on getting an education. The name of
the bookstore is William
Stout Architectural Bookstore. I'm not sure if they do mail-order but you could
try and call them. I don't
remember the number but information is (415)555-1212.


Ricardo C. Cuerva
[email protected]
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