ARCHITECTURE: Fees of the Architect.

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From: [email protected] (DAVID SINGER)
Subject: Architect fees
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 1994 12:24:00 GMT

JP>Can someone give me advise on typical fees charged by architects. We
JP>want to do some modifications to our home (convert our two car attached
JP>garage to a residence for my father, then add another two car garage).
JP>I had a few contractors come by however I doubt they can do what I want
JP>without a good set of plans. I then visited a local architect who
JP>impressed me with his equipment (CAD, Plotters, etc), but was shocked
JP>at his estimate of $3000.00.
JP>Is this a typical fee? His plans include all building plans,
JP>electrical and plumbing.
JP>John Parciasepe, (North, New Jersey)

John, let me help you put this in perspective: In New Hampshire, the
typical "simple" (no boundary disputes) plot plan of an existing lot,
which has been plotted within the past 10 years and filed at the
Registry of Deeds, commands a $5,000 fee by a competent surveyor.
Nothing even gets built from those.

If "your" architect is licensed, and you can talk to some builders who
have used his plans, and to the local inspector(s) (who will require
copies of the plans for the permit) who review the work using the plans,
and everybody agrees that previous designs were (1) easy to understand
and (2) well-engineered, then all that is left is (3) to judge for
yourself if his ideas are a heap better than yours.

If this architect passes all three tests with flying colors, you'll save
the fee several times over (controlled construction costs, faster
completion, life-long satisfaction in your abode).

Heart be still, John, you could be staring at a bargain! I hope it
means some dreams come true.

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