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Subject: Re: COLOR IN GOTHICarchitecture
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 16:47:43 GMT

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> i know GOTHIC architecture was hundreds of years ago but....
> i must do a paper on it anyway, so i need help locating books, articles,
> video
> whatever that deals with the use of color
> ( in windows, stone, flooring, patterns, whatever)
> i cannot seem to find books with promising titles, so i was hoping
> someone might
> point me in a useful direction to something buried deep in an obscure
> text....
> thank you in advance
> -mario
> (please post here or email "[email protected]")

Here are some great cathedrals for your report. You should find them in a
book somewhere or a title search in the library, since they are visited
heavily as tourist destinations in some cities. Try tourist guides, some
describe the cathedrals in detail. There is one tourist guide with color
pictures and wonderfully descriptive sections on Parisian Gothic cathedrals
that I know of. It's titled "Paris" from the Insight city guide series. It
is published by Prentice Hall Travel.In the book it says" Notre Dame, like
all medieval churches, was completely painted on the inside. The statues
over the triple front doors were once multicolored on a gold background.
The use of color was meant to glorify God and breathe life into the

St. Denis, Paris 1140- 44 (The first ever Gothic cathedral)
Notre Dame, Paris 1163- 1250 (Rose windows are great for color description)
Chartres Cathedral, Chartres 1145- 1220
Reims Cathedral 1225 -99
Amiens Cathedral 1220
Westminster Abbey, London, England 1503- 19
Sta. Croce Florence, Italy, 1295
Florence Cathedral Italy, 1296, 1420-36

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