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Emily Moser <HUDUSER%[email protected]> writes:

> This is a general query for anyone who would like to respond. This
> question is for housing researchers or anyone interested in housing
> policy or issues. What other bulletin board systems (beside this
> LISTSERV) do you access either thru Internet (by "telneting) or by direct
> access.

A list, called URBANET, sponsored by the Urban and Regional Planning Program
of Michigan State University had recently a good discussion of issues
related to housing/land use/transportation interactions. URBANET is not as
active at the moment but it has had interesting topics. You can
subscribe to the list by sending a request to:
[email protected]
with the message,
subscribe URBANET firstname lastname

Similarly, there is an urban history list called H-URBAN that you can
subscribe at [email protected]

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