[design] redux: things architecturalized

To: design-l
Subject: things architecturalized
Date: 2001.11.11 20:48

Brian, I like what you say about,"things architecturalized, architecture
without architecture, such as construction sites, for buildings or not, as a
way of understanding how the process of building and taking apart works. one
example here in Minneapolis is that the parkway system is under
construction, and there are orange ribbons of about 2 foot high fencing
running along the creek/crik, for miles, Christo-like. else, other events
that could be architectural, in the sense of materials, organization, and

[Brian, did to digitally record the parkway construction? I hope you did.
I'd at least like to feature an image or two at www.quondam.com to accompany
a republication of this text there.]

Almost two weeks ago I visited and photographed Louis Kahn's Bryn Mawr
Dormitory, which I didn't know was currently being renovated. There was
scaffolding around most of the building, and in some places the exterior
slate paneling was removed. Rather than being upset that "good" pictures
could now not be taken, I took lots of "new" construction shots -- recording
architecture as it really exists. Inside the dorm was much as I remember it
(my last time there was 1989), but the huge clerestory windows do need a
real washing. Since I was there the day before Halloween there were various
Halloween decorations in the main stair hall, like fake spider webs in the
large concrete cut-outs. Kinda went with the scaffolding outside.

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