Pushta round3 – citizens' demand for full survey list

Residents of Indra Colony, where survey is on going
since 21/22.03.04 have reiterated the demand for
suspension of the clearance drive till public hearing
for clarification about violation of law and policy
and contempt of court and EC directive in the process
and demanded that the full survey list be pasted in
their settlement for transparency. Translated text is
as follows:


Despite requests made on 18.03.04 to Police
Commssioner and Election Commission for a hearing
about violations of law and policy and contempt of
court orders and EC directive in evictions already
effected on 13.02.04 and 17.03.04 and the same
processes continuing, another eviction was effected on
19.03.04. Before the demolition officers present
refused to provide any clarification and even
dismissed the court order shown to them. On 22.03.04 a
demand for suspension of the clearance drive till
clarification about process being followed was faxed
to concerned agencies. Citizens in Kanchanpuri refused
to get slips issued pending these clarifications. In
response, on 23.03.04, a newspaper reported that the
bulldozers shall roll irrespective of whether or not
people take plots, police force was increased and
offices of Police, MCD and DDA refused to receive
copies of the demand that had been faxed. Amidst an
atmosphere of terror thus contrived, the task of
issuing slips for Rs.7000/- for mostly 12.5 sqm plots
to a total of 809 out of about 3000 families started
as per survey list and 6 were even transported to
Bawana, which will certainly be touted in the city as
'voluntary relocation'. On the other hand, the media
continues to report that Tourism Minister has said in
a presentation to EC that slums are not conducive to
free and fair polls and EC has appreciated this.

Quite apart from what the Court and Commission have
been told and the city continues to be told about
Pushta clearance, the truth is that an illegal process
is continuing. On one hand there is prime land of the
Pushta on which the government has illegal plans. On
the other is the dubious arithmetic of resttlement of
75000 families in a total of less than 19000 available
plots. Between the two, violation of citizens' legal
rights to be heard and to object and slander against
them is rather necessary.

Under the circumstances the demand for transparency
seems futile, but remains, nevertheless, a citizen
responsibility. Since much of the problem arises from
the matter of eligibility survey, caught in the
arithmetic of 75000 families and 19000 plots,
reiterating the demand made on 22.03.04 for a public
hearing for clarifications, we also demand that,
instead of a list of only of those eligible, an
interim list ? in Hindi ? of all surveyed, indicating
ineligibility and eligibility for 18 or 12.5 sqm plot
along with basis thereof and a final list after
allowing time for objections. We demand this in
interest of transparency and in order that this drive,
being carried out in name of court and commission with
police support, does not become a shameful episode in
the history of democracy.

Dated: 24.03.04
Contact: Indra Colony, Rajghat Power House, New Delhi
?110002, Ph: 33179340

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