GENERAL: R.B. FULLER and the Real World.

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I don't have a problem with these ideological position once I see the
common thread throughout: only be raising living standards globally
can we detour war.

if raising living standards globally can eliminate
greed and intolerance then perhaps avoidance of war
would be a result.

the problems we face now are not due to housing or
lack of housing, but the way we perceive and think.

the things we place value in are not *truely* important,
while the things which are *truely* important we seem
not to value.

until we can change the way we think about physical
objects we could all have fully stocked 5K sq ft homes
and there would still be war.

Obviously a Third World (both inside and outside
USA national boundaries) in constant need of emergency shelters cannot
be the end for which we are striving.

but it could be a means to the end for which we should
be striving.

The goal was to raise living
standards -- and since the USA is not living at the standard Fuller
envisioned either, it is not the case that his futurism was merely
a projection of contemporary USA living standards on the rest of the

fuller was naive to beleive that because he had come
up with a better way to live that the world at large
would one day accept it.

USA people are living in squalor, in pathetic housing, under
onerous and fearful conditions compared to where Fuller hoped we would
be by this time.

well, i live in a tent and i like it! people do not need
golden fixtures to be happy, they just need a safe place
where they can grow. while there does seem to be a lack
of safe housing currently, this is more a result of the
society in which we live that the houses we inhabit.

-- Kirby

gordon muth
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